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Production of bags of your design

Except widely expanded distributional activity we have huge production possibilities. That is why we will gladly produce bags for You, offering great prices and conditions for cooperation.


Production of the individual order may include:

  • making proposed patterns with a chosen trademark,
  • using ready patterns presented on the warehouse’s site, using any trademark.

If you consider creating your own brand or you already have a brand in the fashion industry, want to expand the offer with your own ideas or you are advertising agency that is looking for an agency which will be able to professionally and safely produce your haberdashery patterns, we are ready to help. 

We are a reliable Partner in production Your products’ patterns. We are successfully taking and fulfilling orders for production of men’s bags, women’s handbags, clutches, briefcases, wallets, accessories, suitcases and other haberdashery products. Orders apply to the products made of synthetic materials and genuine leather. 


We provide:

  • short order delivery date,
  • full confidence in industrial designs of bags,
  • possibility of modernization of patterns offered in the warehouse, according to the Customer’s wishes,
  • wide range of fabrics (synthetic and natural leather)
  • professional support and advice in technology, design, 
  • good contact and reliable service,
  • the lowest prices on the market, allowing a large profit margin,
  • low minimal number of items, determining the production of your model,
  • possibility of professional photo shooting of the product; also with models;


To produce your patterns we need:

  • a sample of the product, or a product’s draft, or visualization/ a picture,
  • choosing the fabric ( synthetic/natural leather), 
  • a logotype’s project that should be placed on a product;


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