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What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a logistic model of the sale via Internet in which the process of shipping is transferred on the supplier (in this case: our warehouse). The function of the on-line shop in this logistic model is to collect orders and send them to the supplier who is shipping a package to the customer. 


Benefits of the dropshipping:

Dropshipping is a perfect solution for on-line shops that usually sell their goods in smaller amounts and do not want to lock up funds for mass orders of stock orders from suppliers or prolong the time of order processing through its merging. Two main advantages of dropshipping are lack of top-down need to allocate funds in goods and regular financial cash flow. 

Other benefits are:

  • elimination of storage and logistic problems,
  • fast delivery,
  • possibility of focusing on other aspects of business,
  • high quality product’s pictures and reliable descriptions guaranteed,
  • saving a lot of time
  • cost saving


Order process:

1. On-line shop receives an order from the customer.

2. On-line shop sends e-mail or places an on-line order with shipping details, kind of package. 

3. Within 24 hours from receiving an e-mail, supplier packs, address and sends package to the customer via Poczta Polska or DPD courier (we have more competetive prices to Czech Republic and Slovakia, please contact). While registering a package, e-mail to the On-line Shop with information is send. 


Benefits provided by the warehouse:

1. Perfect contact 24/7 

2. Product’s pictures with description

3. Fast delivery to customer

4. Solidly packed product

5. Good prices and high margins


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