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As a tourist having your permanent residency outside the territory of the European Union (EU) you are entitled to claim VAT tax refund if you take goods purchased in Poland outside the territory of the EU in an unchanged condition. A minimal total purchase amount including VAT per one Tax Refund Cheque with tax receipt attached to it, which entitles to a VAT refund, is PLN 200.

A system of 3 steps is easy to use and easy to remember, you just need to follow the below instructions to get a VAT tax refund:

1. Shop - always when you do shopping, ask staff for a Tax Refund Cheque form. Make sure your name and surname, address and passport number on the form are correct and that the receipt from cash register has been attached to the form. The date on the form has to be the same as the date on the receipt. Please keep the Tax Refund Cheque form together with the leaflet until you get a refund.

2. Customs office - While leaving Poland and the European Union, you have to show the goods bought (in an unchanged condition), the form (Tax Refund Cheque) together with the receipt from cash register attached and your passport for the purpose of stamping it by a Polish customs officer or a customs officer from the EU. Confirmation of taking the goods outside the territory of the EU has to follow on the last day of the third month following the month of making a purchase at latest.


3. Global Blue Refund Point - Finally, get your cash back by submitting the Tax Refund Cheque to the nearest Global Blue Customer Service Point or to one of the partner Refund Points (you will find a list of points in the leaflet attached to the form). Please remember to submit your Tax Refund Cheque within 4 months following the month of making a purchase. The amount of the return is calculated after deducting the costs of the service.


In Poland rules on VAT return for travellers are governed by the Act on value added tax and excise tax and by 

secondary legislation to the act - regulations of the Minister of Finance.

Act of 11 March 2004 on value added tax - Section XII, Chapter 6, Articles 126-130 (Polish Official Journal of Laws No. 

54, Pos. 535, as amended)

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