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Shipping Costs

If you do not want to pick up goods on ExWorks terms (Incoterms 2000) you can pick one of following methods of shipment.

We have a great opportunities for shipping methods to Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Croatia. See the information below:

UPS Standard  (2-5 days): 

 Ups logo

We use UPS ( as a European forwarder. With UPS Standard each parcel is delivered within 2-5 days.

Shipping costs are calculated by the system, for each order and depend on the weight. In some cases the shipping price could be higher - our staff will inform about it. You can check exact price of the shipping costs by contact with us.


Depending on country a price range is:


0-31,5 kg ( in average up to 28 bags) : from 11,5 EUR to 28,60 EUR


31,6 - 41,6 kg ( in average up to 38 bags) : from 36,4 EUR to 44,85 EUR


41,6 - 63,2 kg ( in average up to 57 bags) : from 39 EUR to 57,2 EUR


63,2 kg - 94,7 kg ( in average up to 86 bags) : from 58,5 EUR to 85,8 EUR



BY SPEDITOR (5-10 working days) has many contacts with private spedition companies, which are able to offer our clients the cheapest transport worldwide. Depend on the weight, capacity of each parcel - we are able to advice to our Clients the best and the cheapest method of transport. If you would like to place order which would be high capacity (for instance luggage goods), please contact us, and do not pick DPD or Post as a forwarder. Please contact us regarding shipping costs for current order.


BY SEA  (31 - 45 DAYS)



Every delivery by sea is calculated individually, all prices are based on ex-works terms ( Incoterms 2000). To get  the latest prices for your order kindly please contact us.